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Essiac Suppliers, What is the Difference?
There are so many people selling Essiac Tea on the web, it may be very hard to find the right supplier for you.

Let me help you narrow down your selection.

First of all, there are actually two formula's for Essiac Tea. The Original formula was made of 4 herbs. This is the original formula passed from the Ojibway Indians to Rene Caisse who introduced this first in Canada and then to America back in the early 1920's. Essiac Suppliers, What's the Difference?

Then there is the Improved eight herb version. As we all know, the original doesn't mean the best, it simply means the first. And in most cases, the first is not always the best. The Eight Herb version is made of the original 4 herbs however 4 additional "potentiator" herbs were added. These potentiating herbs help modify and improve the effectiveness and potency of the original 4 herbs. This eight herb improved version was created by the same Nurse Caisse with the help of Dr. Charles Brusch MD, research scientist and personal physician to President John F. Kennedy. They worked together in Cambridge, from 1958 to 1966 at the Brusch research Medical Center for 8 years testing this improved version.

One of the obvious reasons for making an improved version was that clearly the toxins and pollutants that entered our body's in the 1800's is now greatly expanded due to modern society and things such a jet fuel actually found in humans, frozen foods and additives for fast foods, pesticides, just to name a few. It was time for Essiac to be upgraded to meet the challenges of a new fast paced society.

We, at Herbal Balance For Life, use the 8 herb version of Essiac as given to us through the arrangement with the Paulhus family. 

Now that I understand that, how do I choose a reliable supplier?

Answer: Most people advertising on the Internet are Mom and Pop suppliers that are buying herbs from Growers and mixing the formula at home. You see, the four herb formula is now public domain and you can find the formula on the internet quite simply. You will notice from the pictures they provide, most people simply grind up the formula, put it in a plastic "baggie" and mail it out. Therefore, most of what you see on the net is the 4 herb version since that formula is free on the internet.

The Eight Herb formula is still a secret and was given first to Flora Manufacturing in Canada by Rene Caisse. After Nurse Caisse passed, through our association with Dr. Brusch estate and his designates, we were able to license the exact same formula.

The next major decision to make is quality standards. We know of two other suppliers that produce Essiac under cGMP standards. That means the Food and Drug Administration has set specific guidelines as to accuracy, cleanliness, bacteria level, testing reporting, etc. to be certain the product is safe for human consumption.

Herbal Balance For Life and Flora Manufacturing from Canada can make that claim. We both have the correct formula, the cGMP certification to make the 8 herb version, however, only Herbal Balance has converted this formula to an easy to swallow soft gel that eliminates the necessity of brewing, mixing, fridge storage and measuring Essiac. Our version is the 21st century Essiac. The other cGMP company is Essiac Canada International, but they only make the original version in 4 herbs.

So, we ask you, why would anybody buy from someone using a home mix master to blend a formula that is calibrated in a Pyrex measuring cup and who knows if they even wear masks and gloves? Just the thought of contamination or accuracy of the formula, worries us and it should you.

Always choose a reputable company that is producing product to the standards set by a federal agency and is monitored and tested on a regular basis, especially if this is something you will be putting in your body!

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