Essiac Suppliers, What is the Difference?

We, at Herbal Balance For Life, use the 8 herb advanced version of Essiac as given to us through our arrangement with the Paulhus family.

Now that I understand that, how do I choose a reliable supplier?

Answer: Most people advertising on the internet areEssiac Suppliers, What's the Difference? Mom and Pop suppliers that are buying herbs from growers and are hand-mixing the formula at home. You see, the four herb formula is now public domain and you can find the formula online quite simply. It is a free formula now. You will notice, from the pictures they show, most people simply mix the herbs in the kitchen, put in a plastic “baggie” and mail it out. No safety “clean room” standards, no recording of any testing for E Coli, Salmonella, mold, arsenic, mercury, etc. There is no professional oversight; you are totally alone in this process and hope you don’t get sick!

Why would anybody buy from someone using a home mix master to blend a formula that is calibrated in a Pyrex measuring cup and who knows if they even wear gloves and masks? The thought of contamination or accuracy of the formula worries us and it should you.

The advanced Eight Herb Formula is still a secret and was given first to Flora Manufacturing in Canada. After Nurse Caisse passed, through her late Partner, Dr. Charles Brusch, in association with his estate and his designates, we were able to license that exact same formula in 2007.

The next major decision to make is quality standards. We do know that only a few suppliers make the Essiac product under GMP standards. This means the Food and Drug Administration has set specific guidelines as to accuracy and cleanliness, to be certain the product is safe for human consumption.

The highest ranking certification available is “Certified Organic”, this means that in addition to meeting GMP (good manufacturing practices) standards, an independent certification laboratory calls out the specification of Microbiological bacteria levels and Heavy Metal levels that must be met to gain Certified Organic approval. There are only two companies that display the black logo of “Certified Organic” and Herbal Balance For Life is one and the other is Flora Manufacturing from Canada.

So, on the Essiac Tea for brewing, if you don’t see a black “certified organic” logo on the packet, don’t buy it! Our Essiac soft gels and our Essiac Instant Tea, do not qualify for that kind certification, because of the inactive ingredients used to make the physical soft gel or Instant tea. However all of our active ingredients are 100% natural, there are no synthetic ingredients, in our Instant Tea and our Essiac Soft gels.

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