Herbal Balance For Life, Inc. was founded by Jim Polisano & (Warren Levy-Retired) in 2008.

Both of these gentlemen have known each other since the late 1960’s.  They were both in sales and marketing and both Jimowned and operated successful business.  These gentlemen had national distribution of their products in all channels of distribution through supermarkets, drug chains, discounters, department stores including the warehouse clubs and home centers.

Jim and Warren remained friends for all these years and would get together to talk shop since business contacts and friends would always intertwine.

While they were “catching up” in 2008, the topic of how many mutual friends and family members had been afflicted with various illnesses and disease and many had passed on from cancer and heart disease became a serious conversation.

Both Jim & Warren are strong believers in natural products and through our mutual contacts, were aware the medical establishment continues to suppress the easy to find remedies for many illnesses, which are simple, non harmful herbs and foods.  Many of these herbs and food groups can improve one’s life by attacking the source of disease rather than the result of disease, which is the way conventional medicine does now.

The single product they considered above all the rest was Essiac.  They did months of research and spoke with health professionals, chemists, naturopaths, biologists and pharmaceutical professionals and were convinced that Essiac is one of the most important products to make available to the general public.

They concluded the 8 herb updated version of Essiac was the most effective and they tracked down the holder of that formula, Bryan Paulhus.  This formula was given to Bryan and his mother in 1992 directly by Dr. Charles Brusch.

They both met with Bryan and explained their background as marketing people and felt the method of mixing herbs, cooking them, letting them rest for 12 hours, sifting them and storing them in fridge and measuring out ounces at a time was like we were living in 1950.

Jim & Warren told Bryan they wanted to take this concept and make it simple and easy for everybody to take, not just those bold enough to start cooking herbs.  They wanted to take this product mainstream and bring it into the 21st century.

The rest is history!