Learn the Difference between Our Eight Herb Essiac & Less Potent Four Herb Essiac Versions

Our 8 Herb Essiac is Best

Learn the Difference between Our Eight Herb Essiac & Less Potent Four Herb Essiac Versions

What is The Miracle Of Essiac?

The Secret Is 4 Extra Herbs

Don’t be fooled by using a less effective Essiac

The original 4 herbs used by the Ojibwa Indians are still in use today offering only moderate results.

After 8 years of laboratory research and testing, Dr. Charles Brusch and Rene Caisse, along with a staff of scientists, found the key to greatly improve the efficacy of Essiac. Testing concluded that each of the four herbs has a “sister herb” known as “potentiators”. These 4 additional herbs can augment, improve the potency and extend the medicinal value of the formula.

The 8 herb version of Essiac is stronger, more effective, longer lasting and yields the best results.

What is 8 Herb Essiac Tea?

Essiac 8 refers to the Eight Herbs that make up this herbal formula, also known as Eight Herb Essiac.

This original formula that was created by the Ojibwa Indians, estimated to be in excess of 250 years ago, was made up of 4 herbs. As this remedy became known in the United States in the early 1920's, efforts were made by the Nurse that was given this formula, to improve its effectiveness & potency.

The results of eight years of laboratory testing yielded an upgraded version of Essiac, using the original four herbs but by adding four new "potentiators" herbs. These "potentiators" are herbs that extend, improve, augment and render a more potent and effective results to the original formula... Read more >>


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