What is the Miracle of Essiac?

Essiac 8 refers to the Eight Herbs that make up this herbal formula, also known as Eight Herb Essiac.

This original formula that was created by the Ojibwa Indians, estimated to be in excess of 250 years ago, was made up of 4 herbs. As this remedy became known in the United States in the early 1920's, efforts were made by the Nurse that was given this formula, to improve its effectiveness & potency.

The results of eight years of laboratory testing yielded an upgraded version of Essiac, using the original four herbs but by adding four new "potentiators" herbs. These "potentiators" are herbs that extend, improve, augment and render a more potent and effective results to the original formula.

The phrase "the miracle of Essiac" essentially comes from the men and women who have taken this product and reversed their health conditions. When you think of people who have followed the protocol prescribed by their doctors, that could include surgery, chemotherapy and or radiation, and have not had a successful outcome start "looking for a miracle" and for those that have used Essiac 8 with success, start calling it a Miracle.

We would like to interject at this point, that we really know it is not a miracle, it is a matter of correcting your body's internal condition since we were all created with a pre-programmed immune system designed to automatically fight off illness and disease from within.

To explain further, in today's society, we eat more toxins than we can imagine. Starting with food additives, pesticides, herbicides and don't forget all the pollutants from all the dirty air we inhale. All of these toxins and pathogens coat our intestines and organs with plaque. For our immune system to work effectively, we must have our organs working properly. You can imagine that these organs, which are the body's natural filters, are clogged and robbing us of the nutrients from the food we eat, so it is almost impossible to keep healthy if your engine is simply not working right and because you are not feeding it right!

For you to stay healthy and allow your immune system to work for you, you need to understand about your pH balance. Your body needs to be in an alkaline state to become and stay healthy, so how do I get there? Well, chances are your body is in an acidic state and that creates the perfect setting for illness to occur. Cells such as cancer grow and multiply by feeding on the sugar in your cells. Cancer cells thrive in an acid cell yet cancer cannot live in an alkaline cell, therein is the message: Essiac may help to  identify toxins, pathogens, antigens and antibodies that coat our organs and intestines which can overwhelm our immune system. Essiac 8 may help eliminate these toxins and pathogens and return your body and cells to an alkaline state. Illness and disease cannot survive in an alkaline state and that is because your immune system is working to protect you.

So once again, the Miracle of Essiac 8 recommends to use this natural herbal formula on a regular basis to  help correct your body's condition of being acidic by helping to  detoxify your body, which may help to bring your system into an alkaline state and allow your immune system do its job, fully armed to help protect you from illness & disease


Christine L Ouellette:

Me and my husband have been using this tea (making it from the loose tea in packets) and going by the directions inclosed in the box. We have not been sick for 15 years now except for a bought of flu for him and pneumonia for me back when we first started. I am a nurse 48 years now and worked at a critical care hospital at the time where 80% of patients were on vents. I have been a pied piper for the tea after taking it 5 years and realized how well it worked for your immune system and against cancer as I made it for 12-15 of mine and my husbands friends and it worked!! I would love to partner with a company like yours to help me get it out to the masses right now as it may help turn the corner on so many people that may get this terrible virus otherwise. Sincerely, Chris Ouellette

Jun 11, 2022

D Williams:

I am interested in purchasing bulk certified organic tea from you guys.

Apr 17, 2019

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