Lori Alf “Mouse Model”

In an article I read in the Los Angeles Times this morning, by Frank Lalli, I couldn’t help but notice the common theme in Essiac and the success of Lori Alf, a 50 year old mom, suffering from multiple myeloma.

Lori Alf "Mouse Model"

Lori volunteered for a clinical trial using immunotherapy-which boosts the body’s natural defenses- to fight a blood cancer called multiple myeloma.

This highly experimental trial was run by Dr. Carl H. June M.D. at the University of Pennsylvania. He and his colleagues hope to save Lori by transforming her own immune system into a cancer killer. Her bone marrow was 95% clogged with the round liquid myeloma tumors, crowding out all but a whisper of healthy cells-barley enough for her to survive.

Researchers withdrew some of her immune system’s white blood cells, transformed them in the lab into hunters retrained to track down and kill her cancer cells, then let them lose in her body.

Lori’s cancerous blood tumors had vanished within a month or two after her treatment. And get this: The immunotherapy hadn’t even been tested on animals. University researchers were moving fast to treat the seriously ill myeloma volunteers under expedite “breakthrough” status from the US Food and Drug Administration and didn’t stop to experiment, even on mice. Lori Alf was the “mouse model.”

I believe the Essiac theme of supporting your immune system by indentifying toxins and pathogens in the human body, breaking them down then flushing them out of your system, is directly in tune to today’s direction in medical science.

Your health is directly related to the environmental byproducts of what you eat and drink, what your stress levels are and your fitness condition. You may not be able to control everything, like breathing in a smog filled city, but you can certainly change many bad habits, such as improving your diet and exercise. You may want to start by taking Essiac, to help cleanse your body and boost your immune system.

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