America’s Choice for Essiac

It tastes so awful, why should I take it?

For some people, the smell during the brewing process and the bitter taste makes essiac tea hard to go down. It is for that reason that we developed the soft gel. The gelatin mold is mixed with a natural vanilla flavoring, so the soft gel smells wonderful when you open the bottle. The soft gel dissolves in your system in 12 to 20 minutes and the dosage and strength of the eight herb formula is identical to the powder liquid brewing version. The soft gel takes no brewing, no fridge storage and no measuring, you can keep it in your bathroom medicine cabinet and take it with you when you travel.

But to answer, why you should take it is quite simple. In today's world there are between 6 to 7 million chemicals used daily and over 890 pesticides and herbicides used in the foods we eat, our bodies are bombarded with toxins, internally and externally. These toxins and pathogens can coat your organs causing these organs not to function properly, leading to illness and disease, such as arthritis, diabetes & more.

The original Essiac tea has been around for hundreds of years and although the original 4 herb formula still works, it is our upgraded 8 herb formula (contains the original 4 herbs but 4 more were added) that is most effective in today's world of modern toxins.

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