Why do we hear so many stories about Essiac tea curing cancer?

Essiac tea really doesn't cure cancer. The way Essiac tea works is to help rid the body of toxins and pollutants which helps to detoxify your body down to the cellular level of your being.

By this deep cleansing process Essiac tea stimulates your immune system to defend your body against illness & disease. The immune system is made up of the interactions between the body's cells, molecules and fluids.

When the body is threatened by disease or illness, your immune system is activated to restore health.

Essiac tea is 100% natural and our proprietary blend of eight herbs work together to help improve the functionality and normalize body systems such as your organs, blood, joint & skeletal, lymphatic system, glands and also helps to provide essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

So, at the end of the day, it is your immune system that is working at peak performance to fight off toxins and pathogens.


Sharon L Hess:

I have COPD am on Theophylline, Singular, Spiriva plus I take Losartan, Diltiazem and Digoxin 125. I read someplace that the Digoxin might be a problem with taking Eissac Tea. I also read if I have had gallbladder surgery it might be a flag, I have had and would also like your input. I now have lung cancer which was diagnosed Oct. 2017 as 1.7cm spiculated mass. I am not willing to have chemo or radiation at my age of almost 76 and COPD. My CT scan in Mar. 2018 showed 2,8 × 2.5 × 2.4 cm and in Sept. 2018 2.9 × 2.8 × 2.5 which it appears to be a fairly slow growing mass. I guess my questions are with the Tea be alright to take with Digoxin? Can I take it after having gallbladder surgery? My oncologist is not happy with me and was rude this last time when I still said no chemo. (Loss of money, I guess) so he is not any help. Also are the capsules as good as the tea? Thanking you in advance for your help.

Mar 02, 2019

Ninoska Gerbi :

Tengo una gatita operada de cáncer mamario y me gustaría saber si el te Essiac de humano se le puede dar y cuanto. Tengo el frasco de 30 cápsulas y no sé cuál es la dosis para 3 kilos que pesa mi gata y cuantas veces al día.
Gracias por su respuesta

Mar 02, 2019

Ann Roe:

I was given your website just today and want to get the product. I am 65 and have several health issues that i feel can be helped with this but being on s.s. it is nearly impossible for myself and others I’ve passed this life saying information onto

Aug 23, 2017

Kevin Walker:

What Is the nutritional breakdown of your eight herb premium blend? Please.

Thank you,

Kevin Walker

Jun 22, 2017

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