Herbs vs. Standardized Extracts

We, at Herbal Balance for Life, have always held the greatest concern that we source only the highest quality, organic herbs for our products.  Our belief in what ancient healers have known for millennia the world over, is that there exists a synergistic balance in the herbs nature provides us.  We also recognize that there is growing popularity in the use of standardized extracts in lieu of the whole herb.  Indeed, the growing popularity of extracts is continuing to be shown as well-founded - Not only do extracts provide the convenience of having present the active chemical compounds of their herbal plant sister ready for immediate ingestion, they have also shown to be just as efficacious in their intended use.

Indeed, the standardized extracts that we use for our gels and instant tea, are demonstrated to generally have a higher concentration of the compounds that exist in the herb’s natural, raw state.  Add to that, their convenience and immediacy of use, and it makes clear why we’ve adopted them as part of our daily supplement routine.   

However, we are still sensitive to the idea that there exists a “sum is greater than the whole of its parts” with respect to the synergistic interplay between the whole herbs.  In this, the debate still wages on.  As part of our routine, we like to take advantage of both:  enjoy the convenience and concentrated potency of the extracts, whilst also partaking in the possible synergistic effects of the whole herbs.  That way, we ensure to get the best of both worlds.


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