Dietary Supplements are essential to your health
When you hear people say that you don’t need supplements because you get all the nutrients in the food you eat, it is totally false and not true!Dietary Supplements

The CDC (Centers on Disease Control) states that millions of Americans are not getting enough essential nutrients to ensure their bodies function optimally.

Nearly 90 million Americans have a vitamin D deficiency, 30 million are deficient in vitamin B6, 18 million are deficient in vitamin B12 and nearly 16 million have a vitamin C deficiency.

Did you know that to get the minimum recommended amount of nutrients, for example; 18 milligrams of Iron per day through food, you would need to eat 4 cups of raisins, 15 cups of broccoli, 3 cups of cooked spinach, 10 ounces of beef liver or 45 ounces of chicken breast!

Not only is that a daunting task for most Americans, but almost an impossible task for low-income Americans. And, are you ready for this……..if you are in the low income bracket you can use the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to purchase candy and soda, but not multivitamins!

So, no need for health supplements is hogwash.

(Partial content credited to Dr. Tieranoa Low Dog, physician, educator and author)

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