Yes, studies have shown that about half our population suffers from bad breath, known as Halitosis.

Bad breath is not only embarrassing to the person with bad breath but also to those around them.

We understand that there are varied degrees of bad breath with some that can’t be anywhere close to really bad breath to those that can tolerate being moderately close to somebody suffering from halitosis. Some go through their whole life unaware of this issue and some are told by their friends or family of their condition.

The first thing that people do when a loved one or a friend finally can’t stand it any longer and let them know of their bad breath, is run to the drugstore and buy mouthwash. Many of the brands claim to freshen your breath for up to six hours however independent testing shows it is helpful for less than one hour.

You should look for a mouthwash that contains zinc chloride. The zinc ions help to prevent bacteria, which is a major cause of bad breath. Look for Biotene or SmartMouth that contain zinc chloride.

In most cases, halitosis comes from odor inducing microbes that reside in and around your teeth, gums and your tongue, one or all of these can be the culprit, however, smoking and alcohol can play a big part of your bad breath.

Finally, issues such as lung and sinus infections, post nasal drips and even diabetes and reflux disease can contribute to bad breath. So, give your friend a heads up and break it to them gently as they may not realize they have bad breath and the right mouthwash may be of great help. Another consideration that may be even better would be essential oils, such as peppermint or wintergreen are also great options to freshen your breath. These essential oils help reduce inflammation and plaque and may improve health and breath!

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