Why Don’t They Get It?

In that past 10 years, since I have founded Herbal Balance, I have written about this many times, and when I am out for dinner and I hear from the next table, “I’ll just have tap water”, I actually get a little crazy.

To be frank, it is hard for me to believe that people still drink tap water. I am stunned because there is so much information out there about water contamination, that I assume every adult is aware of what is going on. Remember Flint, Michigan a couple of years back?

Municipal drinking water is loaded with antibiotics, hormones, pharmaceuticals and dangerous toxins that are not being entirely filtered. We are talking about beta-blockers, anti-convulsants and anti-anxiety medications to mention a few. Imagine that in water treatment plants globally, estrogens from birth control pills are found!

The top three culprits to avoid at all cost: Lead, Fluoride, and Chlorine.

Lead exposure is related to ADHD, asthma in children, inflammation in blood and obesity.

Exposure to Fluoride (added to water intentionally), has negative impacts on the thyroid.

Chlorine, again added to water intentionally to protect the public from infectious disease, is playing a big role in increased cancer risk!

If you live in a house, an apartment, condo or whatever, and you're drinking tap water, you NEED the additional protection of a high-quality filtration system. There is no reason for you not to spend the extra investment in your health, but even then, studies have shown some remnants of these toxins remain.  I highly recommend a Reverse Osmosis System which has been proven to be the most efficacious way of filtration.

Oh, and by the way, don’t swallow after brushing and rinsing your teeth and keep your mouth shut when taking a shower! 

Our body's ability to remove many of these toxins is a thing to behold for sure, but even these innate, complex systems, can be overwhelmed by the constant consumption of life's most important substance, water!  Good, healthy practices in consuming filtered water, eating organic foods, and ingesting supplements that can help the body in its natural detoxification processes are a sound defense we all need in the modern world.

To your health!



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