Coronavirus:  Part Three
My initial Coronavirus blog, as of March 3, 2020, noted that we had 88,000 infected souls and 3,000 deaths worldwide.

My second blog on this subject was on July 29, 2020 where we had 17 million people worldwide that were positive and 666,773 deaths, which stunned me beyond belief!

I believe like all of us, we are worried to death for our own lives and the fear that our family members, from our little children to grandparents, are going to end their life by dying alone! This horrible and senseless pandemic has no mercy for any living human on this planet.

Today, December 7, 2020, there are 67.3 million people worldwide with COVID and the death toll now is 1.54 million souls! This has got to stop!

For those of you that think this is a hoax and walk around without masks, have parties with strangers at the drop of a hat, and ignore all of the guidelines set forth by the Medical community to help save you; grow up and take charge of your life! You do understand that your current wide open lifestyle is likely to kill you along with other people, perhaps your mother, father, brother, grandfather or your next door neighbor!

You need to listen and obey the standards and guidelines recommended by the Medical professionals. We are now at a breaking point where we don’t have enough beds and ICU facilities in the hospitals to support those infected souls, here in America or in any other country. We have Doctors working through the day and night, nurses exhausted after 12 hour shifts along with other care givers that are actually dying because of your infection, just to help you stay alive!

The good news on the horizon is that the cavalry is on the way with the necessary inoculations to save the population by knocking this infection out for good. Please remember this will begin in the States by mid to late December and the groupings of candidates are still undecided, but it seems that the health care workers and elderly will be first to get their shots. Realistically, we are looking at least, about 3 to 9 months before the population in America, will be totally inoculated.

Please start now, following the guidelines set forth by our CDC, so that you are alive when it is your turn to get your life saving shot in the arm!

To your health!

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