Protect Yourself from Covid-19

Covid-19 is ripping this country apart. We are approaching 500,000 American citizens that could be gone in the next 30 days.

The vaccinations are up and running with a new President Biden in charge. This is good for all of us.

What we have learned is that certain OTC vitamins can be the difference of beating Covid-19 or by not taking these, your risk of death increases substantially!

Vitamin B helps maintain healthy blood oxygen levels. Vitamin B plays a pivotal role in cell functioning, energy metabolism and immune function. lt reduces pro-inflammatory cytokine levels, improves respiratory function and prevents hypercoagulability and can reduce the length of stay in the hospital.

The recent studies from Oxford and other Universities state "Vitamin B not only helps to build and maintain a healthy immune system, but it could potentially prevent or reduce Covid-19 symptoms or treat SARS-CoV-2 infection."

Vitamin C promotes antioxidant and immune system support. Take L,000 mg daily.

Vitamin D3 deficiency increases your risk of testing positive for corona virus by nearly 80%!

Being deficient in Vitamin D impacts your susceptibility to infection. Start taking vitamin D3 20001.U. daily.

Zinc is a major player for the immune system and has anti inflammatory benefits that impart a protective shield to your immune system. Start taking 50mg of Zinc daily.

Vitamin K helps your body maintain healthy blood vessels and will activate enzymes that help protect lung tissues. These two major organs are the target of covid-19. When your lungs are not activated by these enzymes, the weaker they become. This is why, when patients are low in vitamin levels, it makes it very difficult to fight off Covid-19.

We recommend that you talk with your local health provider about what vitamins you are taking and what dosage would be appropriate for adding Vitamin B and Vitamin K to your daily routine.

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