Coronavirus: What can we do?

As of this writing, we currently have 462 684 infected souls and 20 834 deaths worldwide!

Our immune system, which fights off the foreign invaders entering our bodies every minute of the day, is becoming overwhelmed.

The CDC recommends the washing of hands, often during the day, with soap and water for 20 seconds, some say sing happy birthday twice, and that will help you remember how long to wash. Please avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

Throughout the day, your mouth is detecting and analyzing viruses, bacteria and toxins. The intake of bad bacteria can compromise your body and your immune system.

When out in public, try to avoid crowds, if you need to sneeze, do it into a tissue, and don’t be embarrassed wearing a protective mask while you are out of your home.

At this point, there is no Coronavirus cure, so be careful of scrupulous sellers who claim there is such a thing. Should you see any nutritional supplement that says” it will prevent, treat or cure coronavirus or any other illness,” move away from people like that at once!

We, at Herbal Balance For Life, have been promoting a product that helps support the immune system for the past eleven years. Our Eight Herb Essiac formula is designed to help identify pathogens and toxins in the body and helps remove those bad bacteria’s from your system through defecation, perspiration, mucus and urination. We make no claims to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

We have sold hundreds of millions of our Essiac soft gels throughout the world and our customer responses have been overwhelming in that by using Essiac, their immune system has been strengthened. Essiac soft gels are a tremendous immune system booster.

We heartily recommend that you check out immune system supplements, at your local health food store. Try some supplement to help you fight off toxins and pathogens by boosting your immune system.

To Your Health!


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