Garlic Good: Stroke Bad

Did you know that for the past 25 years, the medical establishment was aware that garlic, as a source of protection against various conditions of heart disease, was common knowledge to cardiologists and anesthesiologists and the public worldwide? I was not aware of this.

Studies being published over a quarter of a century ago notes that ingesting garlic powder daily decreased aortic stiffness brought on by age and helps the elastic properties to your arteries.

Today’s studies show that people that eat as little as less than a quarter teaspoon of garlic powder a day, have less aortic stiffness, safer cholesterol levels, which is what you hope for to avoid a cardiovascular problem such as a stroke.

As we all age, our arteries begin to stiffen (hardening) and we continue with this over time.  This condition can lead to poor blood circulation, a plugged artery, a stroke or death.  

I believe everybody should know about garlic as an alternative to conventional cholesterol lowering medications.  Garlic may be able to replace your prescription for Atorvastatin to lower your cholesterol! Garlic also is important as a natural blood thinner that can replace a prescription medication for Plavix to help prevent platelets sticking together.

Everybody wants to have faith in their cardiologist and when you have an issue like an artery blockage, this is really serious. They will do an angioplasty, through your groin area, and insert a stent to open that artery permanently.  Your anesthesiologist (A member of the American Society of Anesthesiology) recommends to avoid eating garlic altogether for the week prior to undergoing surgery!  What does that say!!

I am not suggesting you throw away your heart medications, especially if you are older than 50 years of age.  Your condition may require regular evaluations by your cardiologist and monitoring your continuing health with periodic stress testing.

Certainly, if you are in your 30’s, 40’s and 50’s and are not seeing a cardiologist on a regular basis; it may be prudent to start taking about a quarter of a teaspoon of garlic powder daily to ensure ongoing protection for your heart health.

 To get the most out of real raw garlic, it is recommended that crushing or chopping garlic and using it in your salads and other foods.  If you want to cook the garlic, you should peel the garlic, chop or crush a couple of cloves and wait about 10 minutes before cooking.  By doing that, you release the enzyme that makes the garlic functional.

To your health!


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