Cellulite:  Thanks Mom!
There are several reasons why cellulite first appears and it starts with genetics. If your mother had a significant amount of cellulite, the chances are that you will too!

Cellulite happens when the normal structure of the connective tissue beaks down and the surrounding fat cells become water-logged and swollen.

These connective tissues in your body are made up of collagen, elastic fibers, hyaluronic acid which holds everything together. These components are responsible for the movement of nutrients, fluid, oxygen and waste products from in and out of your cells.

When the connective tissues become in-flamed and swollen the damaged tissues become less effective. The lack of proper nutrients cause the tissues to break down, the cells become bloated and swollen producing that cellulite appearance.

Estrogen plays a big role in this breakdown and estrogen is greater in women than men, so it really becomes a women issue.

There are some things you can do, starting with your weight. If you are overweight you have a greater number of fat cells. Fat cells produce estrogen so the more fat you carry creates more estrogen which can produce more cellulite. Weight loss is your best opportunity.

Using too much salt, sugar and carbohydrates or even trans-fats, encourage cellulite to develop and by removing them from your system, can keep your skin smooth and tight.

Toxins of any sort, which includes food preservatives and environmental chemicals that can act
as irritants on the connective tissues can be extremely unhealthy. Try to go the organic route and switch from refined foods to wild caught and sustain-able seafood instead. Rid your home of mold and move to cleaning products that are free of chemicals and metals.

Your best choice of diet would be the Paleo Diet which focuses on natural fruits and vegetables and will help you get the proper amount of healthy fats and proteins. This will also help you lower your insulin levels. When insulin levels drop you will naturally shed some of that estrogen-hording fat you have been carrying around.

To your health!


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