Who are you?  I Don’t Know Who You Are

Can you imagine going into a room to visit your father and hear him challenge you since he has no idea who you are?  How heart breaking is that!

Current estimates now are that over 50% of folks over 85 have Alzheimer’s.

There are non-Alzheimer’s forms of dementia too, believed mostly caused by a series of small strokes, which haven’t even been identified, as of now.

It seems the more you read the more it comes back to what you eat.  You are what you eat and most health problems are caused by the wrong choices of diet.  In fact, more and more research link blood sugar problems, such as diabetes with a higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

So we are off and running because you need to eliminate the sugar and refined carbohydrates, be sure to eat non starchy veggies (in all colors) and you have a good chance of not being a member of the Alzheimer’s club.

People say “why bother eating organic"? Sure, it is a bit more expensive than “regular food” but organically grown foods have significantly more vitamins than commercial regular food and not to mention dodging contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides and miscellaneous chemical additives.  You are really giving your body and brain a good chance to avoid Alzheimer’s by eating organic.

I encourage you to eat free-range meat and poultry as well.  The essential fatty acid ratio found in grain fed animal protein, actually promotes inflammation while free- ranged meat protein is anti-inflammatory.  Inflammation is a major risk of raising your odds of Alzheimer’s and other cognitive malfunctions.

When you hit 40, we would strongly recommend taking co-Q10 and eggs (specifically the yolks) are excellent source for phospholipids (brain food) along with lecithin, which you can find in a supplement form, two excellent choices to keep the brain healthy.   You should also consider Omega-3 supplements such as Fish Oil, if you don’t eat enough low-mercury fish.

Give yourself a new start!

To Your Health!


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