Hormonal Imbalance: Just for Women?

Hormonal Imbalance is for everybody!  As we grow from childhood to manhood, our voice changes, hair sprouts all over the place and the sex drive starts.  For girls, they have basically the same changes (less the voice change) as they see their body develop as they turn into young ladies.

 So, as we mature and grow up, how do we know if we have hormonal imbalance; does everybody get it? Not everybody has hormonal imbalance.  The most common symptom is being fatigued, lethargic and the cause for that could simply be too much stress, poor diet or lacking restful sleep.

 Hormonal Imbalance happens when there are too much or too little hormones in your blood stream.  These hormones are chemicals that are produced by glands in the endocrine system.

 Hormonal balance is critical to your bodily functions, like heart rate, mood and stress including metabolism, restful sleep and even appetite.  The slightest change in the amount of hormones can cause these bodily functions to fail in their important role of managing your health.

 Also, hormonal imbalance it is quite common in Women who are pregnant or going through menopause.

The solutions are quite simple and very effective.  Although there is really no one test to diagnose hormonal imbalance, your doctor will go over with you all of the various symptoms you have to point him/her in the right direction.  There will be a blood test that will measure your thyroid, estrogen, testosterone, pituitary levels and so forth.  These tests will determine if you are getting too much or not enough hormones for your body weight.

 In today’s world, the use of Biodenticals or also known as a synthetic hormones, (a simple pill) is all that is required to balance your needs for that over or under performing gland.  Once they have honed into what your issue is, your life has just snapped back to normal as you will be feeling perfect once again!  The likelihood is that you will probably being using a synthetic medication, to balance your adrenal, testosterone, estrogen or thyroid issues for the rest of your life.  

So, don’t start thinking you are having a nervous breakdown if you begin feeling out of it, feeling stressed, can’t seem to sleep, all of a sudden gaining weight or can’t seem to lose a pound, feeling like your heart is racing and you can’t cope; as there is a good chance it is not in your head but in your hormones!  A simple blood test and your life can return to normal, pretty darn fast!

To your health!


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