Your Body is designed to heal Itself!

When we look at statistics, the reality is that you are more likely to be sick than healthy!

Seventy percent of adults are using prescription drugs daily.  New medicines are continually being brought to market, including antibiotics and pain killers. It is rare, however, that a medication cures a particular ailment. Often, the medication only helps to alleviate the symptoms of the underlying disease.  Sometimes, a medication is prescribed to help with the contraindications that are presented from another medication!  The continuous flow of drugs grows,  but how many of them help augment the extraordinary self-healing capabilities that lie within our own bodies?

One in 5 deaths in America, are linked to obesity.  Diabetes has been on the rise by 300% in just the past 15 years.  Cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s are all leading causes of death. These are all conditions that are correlated to poor lifestyle choices, and alterations in today’s modern diet. Unfortunately, we’ve been taught that the only way to get well is to get a prescription.

We need to stop and think that our body, by nature, is designed to heal and repair itself and to actively prevent the onset of disease through built-in feedback systems.  But, for your body to function properly, it needs to be nourished and supported properly. The age-old adage that, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is as true today as ever.

Diets high in sugars, excessive amounts of low-quality protein and insufficient amounts of healthy fats are killing us.  This, coupled with being inactive, promotes metabolic effects that lead to mitochondrial dysfunction which is the direct cause of most heart ailments. Sugar and Trans Fat are the primary culprits to heart attacks, diabetes, cancer etc.  We need to learn to eat real food!

Real food is defined as “food that is as close to its natural identity or as unadulterated as possible” is the foundation for good health and disease prevention.  Eating real food automatically eliminates a cadre of health harming ingredients from your diet.

Our bodies were created to be in motion and therefore we must exercise and eat real food to stay healthy.  Supplements that help our liver to detox, and which help our body stay balanced help to mitigate against many of the negative effects of poor environment and a compromised food supply.

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