How important is Your Heart?

A recent medical survey noted that cardiac admissions in hospitals across the world have dropped by 70% since March 2020! Meanwhile, deaths for stroke, heart disease and diabetes are up, indicating that hesitancy to see a doctor sooner, rather than later, can have serious consequences.

You would think that if you currently are on meds prescribed by your cardiologist or better yet, you haven’t had a heart issue, but all of a sudden you have chest pains and shortness of breath, you would have the good sense get to a hospital immediately, to hell with the pandemic!

Patients with hypertension or high blood pressure should continue seeing their primary care doctor every few months and watch their intake of high- salt and high-fat foods. Unchecked high blood pressure can raise the likelihood of heart attack, heart failure and stroke.

A combination of unhealthy habits and lack of routine healthcare can make blood pressure even worse. That, in turn, leaves patients more susceptible to severe COVID-19.

We should be thinking in priorities, while we want to be safe from COVID-19 and we exercise the standards we hear from the CDC, we delay the appointment for getting our teeth cleaned, we can hold out seeing the dentist for a little longer; but having chest pains and shortness of breath is clearly a top priority matter, since it could be life or death.

I am simply stunned that cardiac admissions have dropped 70% since March 2020. Unfortunately, I don’t have any statistical numbers of how many people dropped dead from a heart attack, for making the decision of staying at home to avoid COVID-19 rather than going to the cardiologist.

Please see a medical provider for chest pains, shortness of breath, as well as abdominal pain, fainting or palpitations. Seek emergency care if you notice weakness or numbness, which can indicate a stroke.

To your Health!

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