Chlorella: Sensational for anti-aging

This is the world’s greatest anti-aging food!  It not only helps keep your skin youthful and free of wrinkles, but also helps to give you a longer life!

This single-celled algae contains more chlorophyll per gram than any other plant.  It is loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids in addition to other nutrients that are beneficial to your health.

The two nucleic acids found in chlorella, control cellular function and heredity.  The two forms are DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (ribonucleic acid) which gives its rejuvenating properties.

Testing supports that nucleic acids promote the rejuvenation of the body’s own DNA and RNA, which enables these nucleic acids to repair themselves; in addition to help breakdown toxins and even help boost your immune system.

Chlorella has a hard cell wall that humans cannot digest therefore you must take this as a supplement to reap its benefits.  You can find this in powder, tablets and extract forms.

Studies show the nutrients found in chlorella, including niacin, fiber, carotenoid and antioxidants, may help lower your cholesterol levels.  The additional benefits of chlorella include the ability to also help heavy metals breakdown and be eliminated from your body.

This product is known as a super food and what makes a super food super, are the vital nutrients they posses that are known as phytochemicals.  These chemical compounds occur naturally in massive abundance in superfoods, phytochemicals are renowned for their disease and age-fighting properties.

In summary, if you are just looking to knock off a few years of aging from your face, you can start by taking a chlorella supplement daily or doctors also recommend you can eat one to two cans of sardines daily.  Most doctors do agree that eating sardines on a daily basis is not only helpful in looking younger and feeling younger but sardines also alleviate health problems such as heart disease, emphysema, arthritis, memory loss, etc.  

Think it over!

To your health!


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